Our why

A teenage girl brings her cute 8-week-old Jack Russell terrier puppy to a veterinarian. Beneath the puppy’s coat of wiry white hair, small black specks can be seen moving around.

This puppy has a severe flea problem 😳 

The vet explains the current infestation and the importance of flea medication. The girl nods and explains the situation to her parents. 

She acts as the translator because, while she is bilingual, her parents only speak Spanish. The burden of being the medical decision maker—a responsibility many adults struggle with—is now her issue.

What happens? The puppy is not treated for fleas.

They are never seen at the practice again. Did that puppy ever get treated for fleas?

We don't know 😢 

Unfortunately, stories like this are far from rare: Pets are not getting the best care possible due to language, socioeconomic, or other barriers. 

This is why Vetspacito started.

We love pets

That story is what started off the Vetspacito mission: to bring better care to more pets. We love pets. And we are especially passionate about helping bilingual pets (looking at you Firulais!) 🐶

Education helps pets and people

Vetspacito has prioritized access to care by making an extensive collection of veterinary Spanish videos on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@vetspacito .

These videos are intended to help veterinary clinics communicate to pet owners in Spanish, which we hope will lead to better pet care in the long-term.

More care for more pets

Vetspacito has had a lot of changes since beginning in 2023. We started off making a lot of videos, but now we are trying to help pet parents directly!

Our teleadvice service is meant to connect pet parents with veterinary professionals to help with education, connection, and of course, pet care.

Teleadvice is not meant to replace an in-person veterinary visit, but is meant to help people who perhaps do not feel comfortable going to the vet.

About the team

Tyler Primavera is a veterinarian. While he is not bilingual (yet), he is passionate about learning Spanish, and even more passionate about helping pets get care. He also loves to dance la salsa.

Vetspacito has had a lot of ups and downs, including a lot of team changes. Currently, it is being maintained by Dr. Tyler Primavera and a rotating team of veterinary student interns.

Stay tuned for more as Team Vetspacito grows!