The Vetspacito Story

The Vetspacito Story
This picture was taken in 2023 after we had just got done filming our first commercial!

"Is that really the name of your business?" ­čśé

I've heard this question in one form or another many times.

While the name might be a bit of a joke, we are very serious about our mission of bringing better vet care to more pets.

Initial Setbacks

The Vetspacito story starts off with me (Dr. Tyler Primavera) and Dr. Esmeralda Cano.

I recruited Dr. Cano to join Vetspacito because we have worked well together both in and out of veterinary school, and because of her passion for serving her Latinx community both in and out of Los Angeles, California.

Dr. Cano and I worked very hard on trying to figure out how to help Spanish speaking pet parents get better vet care, because in many vet clinics if you speak Spanish and are not very good at speaking English you probably are missing out on very important information!

The initial setbacks were centered around many questions:

  • how to start a business?
  • how to build something that will help people?
  • how to manage working full-time with the Vetspacito mission?

We initially focused on building educational videos, and currently, we have the world's largest educational veterinary Spanish video collection on YouTube (last I checked).

The first year of very stressful for Dr. Cano and I especially being practicing veterinarians and a lot of stress.

The Team Changes

I am very grateful for all the help I received along the way with Vetspacito, but it has not been easy.

After a lot of reflection and careful consideration, my co-founder Dr. Cano decided to exit Vetspacito to focus on her family, veterinary career, and wellbeing. I am forever grateful for her help.

Since then, Vetspacito has worked with a handful of consultants and interns, but is still figuring out the team situation.

New Beginnings

Vetspacito has transitioned away from focusing on videos, and now we are trying to figure out how to help more pets get better care.